Andar Bahar Rules

Have you ever heard of Andar Bahar? Or perhaps it is one of your favorite games? Whatever your case may be, there is a chance to learn about the game or remind yourself about the Andar Bahar rules. Andar Bahar is a card game that originates from India – most claim that it comes from the city of Bangalore to be exact.

The name Andar Bahar refers to both sides that the cards are dealt. When looking from the player’s perspective, Andar means left, whereas Bahar means right. The game may also be often called Katti or Mangatha. All these are referring to the same game, however. And just like in another popular Indian game Teen Patti, a 52 deck of cards is used.

Oftentimes there are many tips and tricks to card games. In many card games skills may give a great advantage or even be required in order to be successful, and the best players know the bits and bobs of the possibilities. However, Andar Bahar is a card game that is purely based on luck. Thus, the truth is that there is not much you can learn when it comes to the rules of Andar Bahar. On the other hand, the game is extremely easy to learn, which is the main reason why it is becoming more and more popular!

  • Andar Bahar is a card game that originates in the city of Bangalore in India
  • The game is also often called Katti or sometimes Mangatha
  • Andar Bahar is solely a game of chance with a 50/50 possibility
  • Andar Bahar is one of the easiest card games to start with

Andar Bahar Rules

Okay so, now we know that the game is easy and fun to play. But just how easy is it? Let’s learn the steps. Firstly, the dealer splits the card pack into two parts and takes one card, usually the middle one, out. The card is revealed to all players. This card is often called Middle card, Joker or Game card, but there may be other names to it depending on where you play. Regardless, this card is the one that defines which side wins, although the end result is purely random. If the middle card happens to be any of the black suits, the dealer starts dealing the cards from the Andar side. If red, the game starts on the Bahar side.

Then, betting starts. Player has to decide whether to bet on the Andar side or Bahar side of the table. The player is betting on which side the card of the same value comes. So, for example, if the Middle card is Queen, the players are betting on whether any Queen comes up on Andar or Bahar. In some Andar Bahar games, additional betting is allowed. If so, it happens after two cards have been dealt to each side. Note that according to the rules of Andar Bahar, it is allowed to bet on both Andar and Bahar sides of the table.

During the time when the dealer is putting cards on both sides, players can only watch and follow the game. When a card with similar value lands on either side, the game ends. If the player has placed their bets on the correct side, that player doubles the bet. However, if the winning card lands on Andar and the player has placed bets on Bahar, they lose their bets.

In some cases, a side bet is also played. One example of a side bet is to bet on the number of cards dealt before the matching card to the Middle card comes. Side bets add fun to the game and make the game more exciting. The winners only double their bet on the base game, but if they bet correctly on side bets, higher wins are received. Note that every time a card is dealt, it is more likely to hit the matching card next.

To sum it up:

  • Middle Card (also called as Joker or Game Card) is dealt and shown to players
  • Bets are placed on whether the matching card to Middle Card lands on Andar or Bahar
  • The dealer starts dealing the cards on both sides
  • When the matching card comes up on either side, the game ends. Winners get double the bet and losers lose the bet
  • In some Andar Bahar games, side bets can be set

As you have probably noticed by now, Andar Bahar is very straightforward. However, if the game play is still a bit unclear, you can search for video tutorials and live video recaps of Andar Bahar online.

For those who want to know the mathematics of the game and enjoy numbers, probabilities have been counted for Andar Bahar as well as house edges. However, the probability is almost 50/50 and going too deep into the probabilities of Andar Bahar may not be wise. After all, the game is a game of chance, thus thinking it as a strategic game is not a good idea. On side bets the probabilities vary greatly depending on what kind of side game or multiple games are offered among the base game.


Just like in another popular Indian game Teen Patti, Andar Bahar also comes with some variations, although there are much less of them mainly due to the simplicity of the game. As there are no hands and suits are not looked into, there are not as many things to make variations of.

Firstly, side bets can be considered as one variation. Side betting is more risky but also more rewarding. Oftentimes it is possible to only participate in side betting if the base game is not your cup of tea. Thus, you could focus only for instance on how many cards are dealt before the duplicate card of the Joker card comes up.

Then, there is the option to choose from three different basic formats of the game which are Online Andar Bahar, Live Andar Bahar or Video Andar Bahar. Online version is the one where you play against the machine. It is simple and lets you focus on the game play a bit more if you are a novice to the game. In Live Andar Bahar, the player is able to communicate with the dealer in real time via chat, which is a popular way to play the game. Video version is also played with a real dealer but there is no live-chat nor other means of live communication.

A bit more exciting ones are the Multiplayer Andar Bahar and the Speed Andar Bahar. In a Multiplayer Andar Bahar there are other players playing on the same table with you and oftentimes you are able to discuss with other players as well. Speed Andar Bahar explains itself – the game is even more fast-paced than the original one.

Thus, these variations are most often available:

  • Side betting
  • Online Andar Bahar
  • Live Andar Bahar
  • Video Andar Bahar
  • Multiplayer Andar Bahar
  • Speed Andar Bahar

As the base game is simple, one may get bored after a while which is why these variations exist. Also, please keep in mind that other variations may exist and also come up as the game is getting more and more popular especially in the online casinos.

Playing Andar Bahar for free vs. for real money

As mentioned previously, Andar Bahar is traditionally played for fun at home. The game play is easy to understand even for those who do not wish to engage in gambling, and the history and game is still strong in India. However, as Andar Bahar moved to the online environment of the online gambling industry, playing Andar Bahar has become more intriguing to place some bets and play for money as well.

When playing Andar Bahar in real money, it is worth taking some time to set a budget for your game play. Andar Bahar can be a very fast-paced game, and there is not much time given to, for example, place your bets. So, not only it is a good idea to have a budget but also knowing how much you are going to bet per round and whether you are planning to split some of them to another side (betting most for Andar but also placing some for Bahar). Check the minimum bet and consider whether you wish to try any variations and the probabilities on them. Many Andar Bahar tables have a minimum table limit set. Keep it in mind especially if setting bets on both sides of the table. Also know when to leave the table if there is any feeling of pressure or uncomfort on betting more or to continue onto the next round. After all, you can go back to play more rounds later if you wish so.

Also, as it really is a game where you can either win or lose, a betting limit or a losing limit is good to be set. Many responsible online casinos offer various responsible gaming tools. Taking some time to learn them makes sure your Andar Bahar experience is going to be great and a lot of fun.

Depending on the type of the game, Andar Bahar can also be tried out for free. Live Andar Bahar, just like any live games, is rare to be available on free or trial mode, but Online versions where you play against the computer usually have a trial mode as well. Trying the free mode is a good idea when you wish to just play for fun or are new to the game and not sure how the game play goes in action. Video Andar Bahar is also usually easier to leave, as there is no human interaction involved. On the other hand, playing for real money with a live dealer can be very intriguing and exciting!

Thus, when you decide to play Andar Bahar for real money:

  • Remember that it is a game of chance
  • Set a budget and stick with it
  • Find out about responsible gaming tools and set losing or betting limits if necessary
  • Check the minimum bet on the table
  • Know when to stop if you feel uncomfortable

Playing Andar Bahar is exciting and, although it is a game of chance, those chances are almost exactly 50/50. If playing with small bets and getting some wins as well, the game play can last for a long time. Watching the cards dealt on both sides and hoping it lands on the one you chose can be thrilling – especially if you are playing in a live setting where you are able to discuss with the dealer or in a multiplayer version where you can chat with others. By having limits you make sure that playing Andar Bahar online remains as a fun thing to spend your time on. And, remember about possible bonus money that you may have – check if it has to be wagered and if so, note whether it can be wagered on table games. These you can check on the Terms and Conditions of the promotion as well as, oftentimes, on general Terms and Conditions.

Cheating – is it possible to cheat on Andar Bahar?

Many ask whether it is possible to cheat on Andar Bahar and there truly is a valid reason for that. Andar Bahar is still often played either for fun where cheating would not really matter. However, cheating on real money games has happened in India, and there even are cheating devices sold for it. Furthermore, as it is a game of chance, it may be tempting for some to consider cheating.

However, playing at an online casino cheating or being cheated is not possible. Online casinos providing these games operate under strict licenses and thus, there are many security measures in place. When playing at a trusted online casino, you can be comfortable and play without thinking about cheating. And, as always, it is possible to ask customer support for further information if you, for any reason, feel unsure about the game play or think there has been a mistake. These, however, occur extremely rarely.