Play Andar Bahar on mobile

Have you played Andar Bahar either at home, at a land based casino or online on your desktop? Or maybe just curious about the game? Great! In just a few years, Andar Bahar has found its way to online casinos where one can play for real money and win some sweet cash, if lucky. Playing Andar Bahar on mobile has become popular due to its convenience – you can play anywhere and anytime. Having a small coffee break at work? Why not play some rounds of Andar Bahar on mobile.

Just like Teen Patti, Andar Bahar has been added to the game selection of most of the new online casinos that target players from India. Although there are not many variations available yet, the demand is there and thus it is likely that we can expect more options and variations of Andar Bahar.

  • Andar Bahar is becoming more popular to play on mobile
  • The game has been gaining popularity in recent years also in online environment
  • Not many variations of online Andar Bahar exist so far

Why play on mobile?

Good question, and it is also a relatively easy one to answer to. Gaming industry has been growing and diversifying over the years due to two major trends – mobile phones and better platforms. This applies to all gaming industries, not just online gambling.

The sheer volume of mobile of mobile phones is still growing and in India it is estimated that in total, there will be over 500 million mobile devices in Indian households. Now that is a lot. And all of them have a portable device to connect to the internet which is often used to pass time. One can play anywhere and anytime, and this is why mobile devices are creating a demand for mobile markets of online gambling.

Another reason is that online casinos are responding to this demand. Not only are they preferring mobile friendly games thus pushing developers to do better but they are also modifying web pages to make the experience as mobile friendly as possible. And in recent years, online casinos have started to open mobile friendly casinos for Indian market.

5 tips on playing Andar Bahar on mobile

Although Andar Bahar is mainly a guessing game, there are things that are good to check if playing this game on mobile is an intriguing idea to you. Although many things are the same as they would be in the desktop version, mobile as a platform has its own quirks. Find out 5 good tips to make your Andar Bahar game play on mobile even better.

Know your device. Most games are functional in almost all mobile phones and tablets but it is not guaranteed. The oldest smartphones may struggle with running the game out especially if you are playing the Live version of Andar Bahar (or any other live casino game to be exact). What is more, older smartphones have smaller screens which frustrate some. And although Flash players are rarely required anymore as game providers have updated their games mostly to HTML5, some rare instances of running Flash might occur.

The most frustrating that can ever happen during the game play is that the internet connection is not fast enough or is interrupted. After all, who does not get annoyed by interrupted internet service? We all do and we all have been there yelling at our phones or just being frustrated. However, poor internet connection may affect so that there may be some issues with bets and results. In almost all online casinos the terms and conditions state that they do not take any responsibility on issues caused by the internet connection of the user. However, you may always contact customer support and ask for help or guidance if it is needed. All in all: check your connection.

As Terms and Conditions were briefly mentioned, the next step is to read and understand Terms and Conditions. Although this applies to any online gambling it is impossible to emphasize enough. Terms and Conditions often address mobile usage separately and have their own conditions to it, so make sure you know them.

After making sure your device is ready, connection is stable and Terms and Conditions have been read, it is time to consider and set the budget and get familiar with the interface. Playing the game on mobile is surely fun and easy but with that it is possible to lose the sense of time and play more than what was planned. Setting up a budget helps to control the game play and enjoy Andar Bahar for real money in moderation. Also, have a look on the interface and learn what all buttons and functions mean. Some games have quirky variations and the interface may look a bit different from what you are used to.

To summarize:

  • Make sure that your device is compatible
  • Play with stable and fast enough connection
  • Prefer mobile data connection instead of Wi-Fi due to enhanced security, if possible
  • Go through Terms and Conditions
  • Set a budget and get familiar with the interface

Desktop vs. mobile

The good sides of playing on mobile have been discussed but when and to whom desktop may be a better option after all?

It is impossible to deny that at least for now, table games do look better and work a tad bit smoother on desktop. If the mobile device has a large screen then this difference may not be as obscene but playing on mobile devices with small screens might cause some grey hairs for some. Luckily, developers are constantly looking into how to make table games better on mobile.

Desktop may also be your choice if you mainly enjoy playing at home or if you only use Wi-Fi connection on your mobile device. The main advantage of playing on mobile is that it is easy and convenient to open the game wherever you are. However, if you are used to playing at home anyway then mobile gaming may not be your thing.

Consider desktop if:

  • You prefer to play on big screens
  • Connection on your mobile device is not stable or safe